Our Mission


At HealthQuest, it’s our mission to broadly improve people’s lives through healthcare innovation.

We do this by being best-in-class, working with outstanding people, and conducting ourselves ethically and with integrity.

We aim to identify and invest in companies that are transforming the healthcare landscape, and generate outsize risk-adjusted returns for our stakeholders.


Our Focus



We view ourselves as a “venture growth” fund and are looking for commercial stage investments, where our capital is primarily directed towards growing revenues and scaling the company. 

We are interested in learning now about companies that may not yet be at this stage, but will be in the near future. If this is the only criterion that your business does not meet, please send us your business plan, so we can follow you for a future potential investment. 



We invest in healthcare transformers: companies that are improving outcomes, or reducing the cost of, and improving the efficiency of delivering healthcare.

We invest in innovation broadly across the healthcare spectrum: medical devices and technologies, diagnostics, research tools, digital health, healthcare IT, and innovative services.  



We look for rapidly growing, commercial-stage companies that are optimizing value in healthcare. We look for opportunities where the product or service is proven, the commercial recipe for success is clear, and the primary issue is properly resourcing the company. We like experienced management teams focused on capital-efficiency, but have the vision and urgency to build a large and profitable enterprise.

We typically invest $10-40M per company with an ability to invest up to $50M over time.  We typically prefer to lead investments, and have the ability to syndicate.

Our Portfolio


Our Portfolio

We invest in innovation across the healthcare spectrum that is commercial stage: medical devices and technologies, biopharma, diagnostics, digital health, healthcare IT, and innovative services.  In fact, we're interested in knowing about almost any innovative and proprietary product or service in healthcare that improves value (as defined by cost and outcomes).

Active Investments

Why Green Apples?

Sometimes we get asked: “what’s with the green apples?”


A lot, as it turns out....

The apple has been a sign of health and wellness for generations. The Welsh used to quote "Ait a happle avore gwain to bed, An' you'll make the doctor beg his bread," or in more modern English: "An apple before bed, and you'll keep the doctor from earning his bread." Of course we all know it better as "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." As sticklers for good science, we aren't sure if that's fully supportable -- but, fortunately for them, the apple growing industry has never had to file with the FDA for claims substantiation. Nonetheless, apples say something about taking personal responsibility for our health, which is one of the themes that we believe will be important to sustainability in healthcare.

Green, of course, means that they are still ripening (our apologies to Granny Smith fans), much like the businesses we invest in. Importantly though, these apples are apples by design, as symbolized by the front apple in wire frame mode. Like this apple, great young companies are great by intention and design. We think it's here that the HealthQuest team adds its most important value, with decades of experience designing, building and ripening businesses (both as entrepreneurs ourselves and as investors). So, there you have it.