Rich Lin, MD, MBA


On August 12, 2018 our friend and partner Rich Lin passed away. Rich’s career as an investor included many years at Three Arch Partners, founder of Acuta Capital and as a partner at HealthQuest. He made and managed dozens of investments across the healthcare spectrum including Calistoga (Gilead), Visiogen (Abbot), Cameron (Boston Scientific), Confluent (Tyco), Novacept (Cytyc), Vivant (Tyco), Calibra (J&J), inGenuity (Qiagen), Spiration (Olympus), Sirtris (GSK), Salveo (Catamaran), and ePocrates (Athena Health). Prior to his career investing he was a surgeon, a Howard Hughes Scholar at the NIH and a graduate of Stanford (BS and MBA) and Harvard Medical School.

More important than his considerable career achievements, however, were his friendship and counsel to each of us personally along with the contributions he made to HealthQuest’s culture of intellectual rigor.