About Us



At HealthQuest we capture our ethos in three words: “Open + Connected + Catalytic”

For us, OPEN means being open to ideas and situations that other investors might just dismiss. As investors (and entrepreneurs) we’ve all had success with opportunities that were over-looked or rejected by others. We think that sometimes those are, in fact, the very best opportunities. We also like entrepreneurs that challenge our own paradigms about business and investing so we remain open-minded at all times.

HealthQuest is CONNECTED throughout the industry with an exceptionally broad network of established relationships with major industry players, providers and provider groups, payers, successful entrepreneurs and other investors. These relationships become an asset to our portfolio companies as we help them build bridges to potential commercial partners and collaborators, help strengthen boards and management teams, raise future capital or (when appropriate) find acquirers for our companies.

Finally, we describe ourselves as CATALYTIC because in every company we partner with we want to make a difference to the business beyond the capital invested. We look for opportunities where our experience, networks, or other contributions can fundamentally change the trajectory of the business. Every member of our team looks for catalytic opportunities with every company in our portfolio on a continuous basis – and we believe we’ve had that kind of impact on each one.