We view ourselves as a “venture growth” fund and are looking for commercial stage investments, where our capital is primarily directed towards growing revenues and scaling the company. 

We are interested in learning now about companies that may not yet be at this stage, but will be in the near future. If this is the only criteria that your business does not meet please send us your business plan, so we can follow you for a future potential investment. 


We invest in healthcare innovation across most of the healthcare spectrum: medical devices, diagnostics, digital health, tech enabled services, and consumer medicine. In fact, we're interested in knowing about almost any innovative and proprietary product or service in healthcare that optimizes value (lower cost plus better outcomes), reduces complexity and/or increases certainty.

We do not invest in pharmaceuticals, biotech, routine delivery of healthcare (i.e. medical clinics) or healthcare-related real estate.


We look for opportunities where the product is developed and the management team has confidence in its business model. We like experienced management teams that are operating with capital-efficiency but also an urgency to build a large and profitable enterprise. We typically begin with investments of $5M-10M, with an ability to invest up to $20M over time. We prefer to lead investments and are comfortable forming syndicates. We will also consider syndicating with other lead investors.